Membership FAQ's

What are the benefits of joining as a member?
Joining us as a member will allow you to enjoy unlimited admission to our park(s) for a year! Furthermore, your membership will allow you to enjoy complimentary rides, discounts on retail items and food and beverages, and invitations to fun-filled events. Check out each membership type to see the benefits you can enjoy as a member!
Do you offer a multi-park membership?
You will be pleased to know that besides our single park memberships, we do offer the Friends of Wildlife membership. As a Friends of Wildlife member, you will not only be enjoying unlimited admission to one park or even two parks, but instead, enjoy unlimited admission to all four parks and get to see more than 15,000 animals!
What are the terms and conditions of my membership?
Click here for a list of the respective membership terms and conditions.
Are there blackout dates for my membership?
There are five blackout dates for all membership types: New Year’s Day, second day of Chinese New Year, Labour Day, Hari Raya Puasa and 30th December. Members who wish to enter the parks on the blackout dates will have to purchase standard admission tickets. These blackout dates may vary from year to year.
I am a Friends of Night Safari / Friends of Wildlife member. Why do I have to collect an admission time slip for my admission to the Night Safari?
Similar to the time-based admission implemented for ticket holders, a time-based admission system has been introduced for Friends of Night Safari / Friends of Wildlife members to improve our guests’ experience and ensure the safety of our guests. Members must log in to their account online via to book an admission time slip for either 7.15pm, 8.15pm, 9.15pm or 10.15pm to gain admission to the park. Alternatively, time slips may be collected directly at the Membership Counter at Night Safari. Admission time slips will be issued on a first come first served basis subject to the park’s capacity at the time of visit.
Why are there blackout dates for my membership?
The blackout dates are days that our parks are expected to receive exceptionally high volume of visitors. To ensure a comfortable experience for our members, the membership blackout dates have been set to encourage you to visit our parks on other days.
Do all members enjoy free parking?
Parking is not included as part of the membership benefits and privileges. However, as a member, you will be pleased to know that you may purchase a Member’s Parking pass for one vehicle per membership at a nominal fee of $20. Please note that your IU number must be submitted in order to purchase the Member’s Parking Pass. The Member’s Parking pass will expire on the same date as your membership’s expiry date and parking lots are subject to availability and are on a first-come, first-served basis. See the full Member’s Parking Pass membership terms and conditions here.
Do you offer a concessionary membership for a Senior Citizen?
We do offer concessionary memberships for Seniors. To be eligible for a Senior membership, you would have to be 60 years old and above, with a Singapore NRIC or FIN card. Please note that the NRIC or FIN card is required for the application of a concessionary Senior membership and may only be done onsite at our parks. You may find the prices for the respective concessionary Senior memberships under each membership category.
Do you offer a concessionary membership for students?
While we do not offer a concessionary membership for students, we do offer concessionary memberships for children who are 3 to 12 years old. You may find the prices for the respective child memberships under each membership category.
I am a member. Can I let a friend, family member or caretaker enjoy my membership’s benefits and privileges?
As our memberships are non-transferable, only the registered members whose faces are reflected in the membership photo can enjoy the membership’s benefits and privileges. Therefore, if you are absent, a friend, family member or caretaker cannot substitute you.

If you are part of a Family membership, you are entitled to nominate an individual for a concessionary Caretaker membership. Please note that each Family membership is only entitled to one nomination. See the full terms and conditions for the use of the caretaker discount voucher here.
I have a Family membership. Can my children who are part of my membership use the membership card without me or my spouse?
As long as your children are registered members, they may use the membership card even when you or your spouse are not present. However, please note that the physical membership card with a photo that reflects the faces of your children will have to be presented for your children to enjoy the membership’s benefits and privileges, and a person of reasonable age shall accompany the child.
My spouse and I wish to sign up for a membership. We have only one child and he/she will be turning 3 within a year. Should my spouse and I sign up for two Individual memberships or should we sign up for a Family membership and register my child?
As your child is below 3 years, he/she is not chargeable. Therefore, your spouse and you may sign up for Individual memberships. However, an admission ticket or a Child membership would be required for your child once he/she turns 3. Alternatively, you may choose to sign up for a Family membership and register your child so that he/she can continue to enjoy the membership’s benefit and privileges throughout the validity of the membership. 
What do I do if my membership card is lost?
You will still be able to enjoy all the benefits of your membership, including admission into the park(s) using your electronic card (e-Card) via your smartphone. To access your e-Card, log into the Membership portal at Should you wish to replace your physical card, please note that there will be a replacement fee of $10.70. However, if your membership card was stolen, you may lodge a police report and present a copy of the police report to have the membership card replacement fee waived off.
Can I convert an admission ticket that I have purchased to a membership?
Conditions of Ticket Conversion to Membership
  1. Physical copy of online/onsite admission tickets have to be presented.
  2. Conversion has to be processed on the same day of admission into the respective parks.
  3. All Park-Hopper tickets can ONLY be converted to an Individual or Family FRIENDS OF WILDLIFE membership.
  4. Admission tickets converted must correspond to the membership type and category purchased. 
  5. Travel agent tickets, complimentary tickets and all promotional tickets are not eligible for conversion to membership.
  6. Conversion of admission tickets to memberships will not involve any form of refund as tickets sold are non-refundable.
  7. Chargeable conversion fee is determined by the difference in the value of the membership applied for and the value of the admission tickets used for the conversion.
  8. Tram tickets sold are not eligible for conversion to a membership.